"Martin is the first and only person I trust to give advice on any legal matters"

Roger Millichamp, Nova Pharmaceuticals

Legal Solutions for the Health & Pharmaceutical Industry

My name is Martin Algie. I am a lawyer who works primarily with companies in Australia and overseas in the Health and Pharmaceutical Sector and the industries that service it.

Concluding deals on acceptable terms as soon as possible is important, often to be first on market. What I often see them struggling with, holding them back, is an inability to find solutions to critical problems, as negotiations turn less and less constructive, even nasty. I have seen some give up and just sign the deal on the table. This is invariably compounded by those real issues they just don't see.

I find those solutions, both to those issues my clients struggle with and those they didn't see. I get the deal done so they break whatever impasse there was and start making money. I have seen good negotiations that I have done repair bad relationships.

About us

Turnkey Solutions

Our clients have concluded over 4150 contracts successfully, involving more than 2175 new Products worth more than $50 million. My negotiation skills and innovative approaches to contracting contributed directly and materially to this success.

Other successes include:

  • securing supply for 45% of pharmacies in Australia with complex loyalty arrangements;
  • managing major defective product issues; and
  • negotiating $45 million contracts with service providers essential to support this sector.
But, don't just believe me, look at what our clients say.

About us

The Client Experience

Our strategies and ability to cut through as negotiators has produced better results for clients.
But it is the client experience that makes us different. Immediately, you feel the support. We guarantee it.

That client experience starts with your on-boarding. You get full transparency in our pricing, where we lay out for you full costings. We then rely on latest technology to guide you through your matter. We communicate with you in ways you are used to in the modern world, not simply email, but text through a dedicated app. It is capped with in a wrap up meeting to glean any lessons.

About us

100% Money-back Guarantee

MIA Contract Lawyers stands behind its work. You get a full refund if you are not fully satisfied with the product produced.

All we ask is that you reasonably justify your claim. If you can and you take up this option, you get your money back, no questions asked.

There is an additional guarantee on agreed KPIs that gives you discounts if we don't perform on those KPIs. We won't fail, though - the 2019 Client Choice Award says how much Martin prizes your satisfaction.

A Leader in the Industry

MIA Contract Lawyers’ Principal, Martin Algie is Chair of the Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association Code of Practice Administration Committee.

Together with his experience acting for leading players in the industry over 15 years, Martin has connections with most of the inhouse teams and management throughout the country and in New Zealand.

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