We know the issues that commonly arise in many industries - from experience ...

The Industries


I am a leader in franchising, having been involved in Franchising since 1998, the introduction of he Franchising Code of Conduct. I have set up a number of franchises. The success of the Amalfi Pizza and Pasta franchise gives me particular satisfaction. I have also helped over 175 franchisees, for many negotiating satisfactory settlements to complex disputes. I have represented a number of franchisees in litigation where settlement has not been possible.


I know the automotive industry having represented many of the leading brands - Fiat Chrysler, Mercedez Benz, BMW, Suzuki and Saab - over a career lasting 30 years. Added to this is my involvement in tyres, having acted for Goodyear, vetting all their advertising for years.


I have advised a number of builders, both domestic and commercial. One of our major clients is TechForce, a leading supplier of technicians to the industry. We have also acted for Skidata Australia and Melbourne Building Technology. I have appeared in Court and worked on the mediation for domestic builders in quality claims. Recent matters have involved Security of Payment Act claims and restraints of trade issues.

We have access to builders with extensive experience on the tools for technical assistance.

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