Expand your Comfort Zone with MIA Contract Lawyers' experienced support.

Health & Pharma Industry Sectors


Almost any aspects of pharmaceutical distribution can be improved with practical legal help. Make your NPD and in-licensing more effective, with deals concluded sooner. Avoid being exposed on Produce Defect Claims and recalls. Improve your pharmacy relationships.


Get the best deal from your First Line Supplier and effective support from the Second Line. Ask yourself whether the benefits you get from your Supplier are properly locked in, or are you exposed? Is your business structure compliant? Pharmacy Groups are often franchises. The la changed radically on 1 July 2021. Are you on top of that?

Hospitals & Medical Practices

Contract Management is is critical issue for the modern hospital and medical practice. Specialist services are often out-sourced. A hospital may have a radiography department, but all it provides is the space for an operator to run that service. Effective management requires a contract that gives you sufficient control and oversight. Are your contracts up to scratch?

Allied Suppliers
This covers the myriad of goods suppliers and service providers that support Health & Pharms - marketers, packaging, regulatory professionals, transport, customs, even finance. These suppliers are dealing with a highly regulated industry exposed to massive claims. Contracts must be water-tight. Are yours?
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