Successful Product Development and Distribution with our Contractual Solutions

Contractual Solutions

Setting-Up the Transaction Properly

We get your goods and services to market sooner and more effectively, making you money. From brand protection and licensing, to Distributor/Dealer engagement to warehousing (3PL) and transport, MIA Contract Lawyers gives you a turn-key NPD solution.

Contract Support

Our Help-Desk is a subscription service that gives you the ongoing support and guidance to avoid the issues that often prevent you succeeding.

Disputed Contracts

Resolve disputes quickly with our effective strategies and negotiation skills that have proven results to cut through. We make the litigation process as painless as possible for you with our support of you as an individual.

Contract Management Service
With our contract management service (ContractControl), you maximise returns under all of your contracts. Never miss a deadline again. Ensure full compliance by all parties.
Improve your Skills
Sign up for our Distribution Digest vlog. This is an occasional series of short videos published by us that examine real-world issues that you face every day. We know that because the issues addressed are those that come over Martin's desk all the time - restraint of trade, negotiating settlements and just generally bad, ineffective drafting that can cause you grief. You can watch Martin discuss these issues and show you easy, simple solutions.
Product Distribution Use Cases
You can see here a few of the hundreds of different use cases in which we have assisted our clients. We take you through the typical issues that the use case presents, particularly the risks they create for your business and how we solved them. Use cases include App Development, Pharmaceutical Product In-Licensing, Product Defects and Recalls and Franchising Your Business.
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