Keeping on top of Your Contracts is the Key to Maximising Returns

Contract Management Services

Why is managing your Contracts important?

You get maximum value from a contract when you know when deadlines are approaching so tasks can be completed on time. That includes not only tasks required of you, but those for your counterparty.

You lose money if deadlines are missed.

  • Miss a termination deadline and you're locked in
  • Miss a renewal deadline and lose the contract
  • Miss a party's failure to renew insurance
  • Miss a party's failure to report monthly

Watch the short video in the next section. We introduce a case study of the costs of poor contract management. ContractControl is the solution.

Contract Management Service Fees

There are three packages, depending on what you want managed and the level of support needed.
  • Starter - Your stakeholders can more effectively manage their contracts when they receive email and SMS alerts and regular reminders that deadlines are coming up.
  • Advanced Managed - Your stakeholders can get on with more productive work with this package. We ensure your counterparties do what they are supposed to do, when they are supposed to.
  • All-Inclusive - We manage your contracts and we are here, on-tap to provide advice and guidance on those contracts. This package includes our Contracts Help-Desk.

Case Study - What's is at Stake?

You lose on average 15% of the value of a contracts if you fail to manage them. In this case study, the potential loss is over $1 million. The contract provided for periodic repricing, triggered by regulatory publications, but it was never implemented. The Distributor paid over the odds for years. When it was picked up,the claim was for over $1 million and it was contested. This could have been avoided if the the Distributor requested repricing on each relevant date.

This is how it works

You can see 3 short videos below demonstrating aspects of the technology. It all begins by you email the contracts to us, as they are signed. By using the email address you give you, the contract is automatically uploaded.

  • With the powerful search capabilities, we locate the information on each managed datapoint and record that on the system. All this takes minutes!
  • Our system uses artificial intelligence (AI), extracting the key details, such as the party details and the execution date. It also processes the document so that it is fully searchable.
  • We then set the dates on which the system will issue alerts and reminders and the stakeholder to whom those alerts and reminders will be sent. These settings can be changed if stakeholders are replaced.

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