Disputes are stressful - We take that on for you

Disputed Contracts

Stress-free Disputes

Stress-free disputes and litigation might be too much to ask, but we get as close as we can with the following:

  • Disclosing each line item in our costings, so you know every task that needs doing
  • You always know the progress made with updated reports and full online access to your file
  • adopting and revisiting strategies to end the dispute quickly
  • Using proven negotiation techniques to end the dispute in your favour
  • Strict project management of the process and everyone involved to control costs
  • Innovative pricing and payment plans

Know the Process

Litigation can be a long process of many steps. If you are pursuing a claim, it starts by us laying out the details of that claim in a document often called a Statement of Claim. We will engage a barrister for you. He or she will prepare that document. From then, pretty well every 3 or 4 weeks, a further step must be completed.

  • First, the Defendant sets out its Defence to each claim.
  • Second, we get to reply to any allegations made in the Defence.
  • Third, we must collect all emails, letters, contracts and other documents you have relevant to the claims and provide a list to the Defendant ("Discovery").
  • The Defendant provides its list of documents and each party then "inspects" each other's documents - that's when we first get to see the substance of their case.
  • Fourth, the Court will schedule a "Directions Hearing", where we explain the case and the Court sets a calendar of events.
  • Fifth, there will be mediation, ordered by the Court. There are many possible further steps, depending on the case.
The Defendant may have a claim against you and file a Counterclaim, which you need to Defend (as if you were the Defendant). Then, we start trial prep proper, which is highly labour-intensive. Our barrister will then get integrally involved in the case. As you can imagine, it is in this period that costs can increase considerably.

The case changes over time, as we learn more of the other side's Defence or their case (if you are the Defendant). This can see the case expand and morph. We project manage these changes, updating and controlling the cost estimate.

We control the process and your costs

Control of the process is critical to avoid it blowing out, noting that the case will change and morph over its course. Our method is to start trial prep early - we prepare Final Submissions and witness statements as early as possible. Final Submissions dot-point the case and marshals the documents, likely testimony and supporting case law: It is then the controlling document for the case.

Watch Martin Algie discuss how we ensure costs are managed by strict project management of your case.

Mediation - a quick result

Mediation is nothing more than a meeting with the other side, facilitated by a person skilled in brokering deals - and that's objective: to negotiate a deal. And, this is where we shine. Martin Algie is an expert negotiator and has achieved surprising results, getting $4 million claimants to walk way and receiving praise for a former High Court Judge acting as the mediator. Everything that goes on in mediation is confidential.

Click the button to go to the page where we discuss how we achieve our results. There, you'll find a series of short videos deconstructing a dispute negotiation case study. That is how Martin will help you.

Pricing and Payment Options

Disputes are costly - there's no getting away from that. If you win, you will recover some (but not all) of what you've spent. If you lose, you will invariably pay a contribution to their costs.

MIA Contract Lawyers offers a number of options that helps to make this manageable and affordable for you.

  • Litigation funding, where the funder pays all your costs and takes around 25% of the net if you win. Available generally only where the case is strong and the Defendant is demonstrably financially secure.
  • Disbursement funding, where the barrister fees and other out-of-pockets are financed until the end of the trial (then you pay).
  • No Win No Fee options, depending on the case, where, if you win, our fees are increased by a 25% success premium.
We have relationships with Courthouse Capital and LawPay that support these arrangements. We would be happy to look at each of these options for you.

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