If You've Got a Successful Business, We'll Franchise It for You


Our Franchise Offering

We set-up franchises and resolve franchise disputes, for both franchisors and franchisees. We play to our strengthens.

  • Keep the set-up simple and create your own Franchise Agreement and other documents
  • MIA Contract Lawyers for a more bespoke solution
  • The key to your success is then our management of your contracts and franchisees
  • Better resolution of disputes with our negotiation strategies and techniques.

What you need to Succeed

A successful franchise is one in which franchisees make money. Those franchises attract franchisees and they stay. The franchisor then makes money by clipping the ticket on the way through.

This happens when the franchisor maintains sufficient control, so issues that might prevent franchisees succeeding are nipped in the bud.

The secret to a successful franchise starts with the franchise agreement giving you the control you need (and no more than what you need). The other piece of the puzzle is exercising that control appropriately.

It starts with the documents

The control you need as a franchisor is in the Suite of Documents with which you set up your franchise. It is important that the document does not give you excessive rights - that simply holds up franchisee onboarding, unnecessarily. It is on this philosophy that our templates are based.

  • Franchise Agreement
  • Disclosure Statement
  • Step-in Deed - allowing you to occupy the premises and run the business if the franchisee is in breach
  • Occupancy Licence - if the Franchisor wishes to be the tenant

Is Our DIY Option Right for You?

MIA Contract Lawyers offers its clients the option to create their own Suite of Franchise Documents using our templates, built over decades of experience. This is the low-cost optionfor establishing a Franchise.

It will be appropriate if what you are looking at establishing is a store based franchise, where the franchisee sells goods or offers services from a bricks and mortar location in an assigned Territory. Either the Franchisee or you, as Franchisor, may be the tenant.

Listen to our Clients

We set-up the Amalfi Pizza and Pasta Franchise, a thriving franchise of pizza take-aways, based on a simple, yet effective idea. Chris Craig is the man behind the business. We have supported him through the set-up and been with him every step of the way. Listen to what he has to say about the value we've delivered for him and how we've contributed to his success.

How will you Manage?

Managing franchisees ensures your success. You waste immense resources if franchisees get into bother or, worse, there is a dispute. The key is keeping them on track and compliant. We help you do that by:
  • managing your franchise agreement for you; and
  • negotiating favourable resolutions when franchisees start going bad.
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