Helping Clients Make More Money by Securing Deals Sooner

This Is How We Do It

This Is What Gets Deals Done Sooner

"My dear Watson, ... "You know my methods. Apply them, and it will be instructive to compare results." Sherlock Holmes,The Sign of the Four

The methods we use to secure that critical signature on the proverbial dotted line are tried and true:

  • cutting-edge negotiation techniques and skills; and
  • making contracts understandable.

Lawyers and Contract Managers continue to struggle with the best way to make contracts understandable. The peak body of contract managers, World Commerce & Contracting, push contract simplification. Ensuring that there is no unnecessary complication is important, but excessive simplification is wrong-headed and will only lead to dispute down the track when simple contracts fail to deal with what they need to address. We have found a better solution.

Our Contracts Cut Through

Contract Structure

Effective Structuring

Making Contracts Easy

We understand that contracts can be hard to understand. People feel alienated, even intimidated by its form, the amount of text, not to mention those technical sections needed to make it work legally. You cannot simplify a contract enough to get over these issues, and it is a mistake to try. But, we have the solution!


We have seen counterparties sign-up quickly because they immediately understand the contract, often without needing legal support. This cuts negotiation time from months to days.

No Compromise

Contracts must be written to be enforceable. That is what we do. There are clear obligations that make it easy to identify breach and establish those breaches in Court. That protects our Clients.

Complementary Text

How do we that? We ensure that that the other side understands 100% of the contract by reading no more than a few pages of easy-to-read text, positioned as the first thing they see. From the off, resistance is minimised.

Section Summaries

Each Section of the Contract is summaries in practical terms, outlining even the objective of the section. It appears in one paragraph at the start of each Section. These are aggregated and that is what the other side sees at the start of the document.

We've Successfully Negotiated over 2000 Contracts

We Negotiate for Success

We are the

Negotiation is the Art of breaking down the resistance to agreement. It is the perception of great practitioners to find the real source of that resistance, those underlying reasons that prevent parties agreement. It is the creativity to develop offers that address those sources of resistance.

That what we bring and have brought to the table for clients, delivering over 2100 contracts and settling disputes worth well over $50 million. We can do the same for you.

Overcoming Agreement Resistance

You often get close to concluding a deal or settlement but can't crack those last few points. This is not a walk-away. The motivation behind the resistance to them agreeing to your proposal is the key. They may have made an unacceptable counter-proposal or just rejected yours. What that represents is only one way of them addressing their real issue. Our skill is in seeing other options, options that are far better for the client that address those real concerns.

Active Listen and Creativity

The problem for those in the thick of the negotiation is that they are not listening to their opponents, not really listening. It is natural for everyone to be thinking of the next thing they want to say to make that "killer point" instead of listening. We listen, we actively listen. Invariably, that is when the other side reveals clues to their real motivations; that gives us the building blocks for the alternate proposals with which we often get agreement.

Knowing the Price to Offer

Negotiations are rarely only about price. Where they are the objective needs to be to get agreement on a price as close to the highest figure the other guy is willing to pay, where it would be better for them to walk than pay more (their "Reservation Price"). The skill is finding it. The thing to realise is there is a tendency to under-estimate that amount, to under-estimate exactly how much the other person is willing to pay. We know this. With that knowledge, we often get deals worth much more.

The Right Experience and Training

Martin attended the Project on Negotiation training at Harvard Law School in 2016 and successfully negotiated for the Northern Territory Government and $250 million companies, completing over 2150 contracts worth in excess of $500 million.

In preparation - Case Study in Successful Negotiation

The approaches, techniques and skills summarised above are shown to advantage in this case study. It involves the negotiation of a dispute settlement. It first appeared to be a simple price negotiation (ie getting the right settlement figure), but, as is often the case, there was some resistance to break down to get that final increase to get it over the line.

Watch this video series by clicking on the link provided. It begins with a 5 minute introductory video.

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