What could do for you that you see as really valuable?

Our Pricing

Value created, not time spent

We do not charge like other law firms - by the hour. The value you receive is not measured in the hours we take to help you, but in the results you receive, and that's what we charge for. Our price is calculated and agreed upfront by adding overheads to direct labour costs and the disclosed margin.

Making Payment Easy

We know that legal costs need to fit within your budget. That's why we agree the price upfront. When those fees need to be paid is nevertheless an issue. MIA Contract Lawyers has partnered with FeeSynergy. We get paid and you have the luxury of paying the fees off over an agreed period - just like your credit card.

Affordable litigation

Litigation is expensive ... there's no getting away from that. We offer No Win No Fee litigation in qualifying cases. We've partnered with Courthouse Capital, a leading litigation funder. We also have arrangements with LegalPay, a financier that funds disbursements. Litigation can be affordable.

Contract Management Service Pricing

Engage MIA Contract Lawyers to manage your contracts, whether you have a few or you have thousands. Make more money from your contracts by not missing the opportunities they present. We offer three affordable packages, a Starter Package to help your stakeholders, a Managed Package where we do it for you and a Full Support Package. A full Support Package gives you our contracts help desk.
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