Here is why we are right for your business

6 Value Propositions

Innovative Approach getting to YES sooner

Getting the deal done is the objective so you can start making money. That entails preparing contracts that are understandable and yet "bullet-proof" and, then, negotiate them more effective. We can avoid the constant back and forth with the other side by employing tried and true negotiation techniques. The same applies in disputes; more effective negotiation can resolve disputes at mediation, returning a better result.

Click the link and look at the solution we have developed in contract design that has been praised as readily understandable without any sacrifice of what we lawyers need to ensure enforceability. You will also see a case study that how we negotiate.

100% Service Guarantee

The client experience is our central KPI. You can see this in our Net Promoter Score, which is currently 89. You can also see it in Martin having been awarded the 2019 International Client Choice Award for Procurement & Projects. We even guarantee it - you can opt in for our Service Guarantee. It is a real guarantee of our service levels. Click the link and look at precisely what the Service Guarantee entails.

Our Pricing Transparency

We do not charge by the hour - unless you really want to be - because you are buying our time; you are buying a solution. That is the value we deliver to you andthat value is not related to the time we spend creating it.

Matters are properly scoped and priced upfront. We layout for fore our costings (direct labour and overheads and our margin). It is open-book pricing. In larger matters, this is what we use to project manage the matter. Click the link and see our specific pricing.

Extreme Efficiency through Cutting-Edge IT

LegalTech is employed to deliver client value.

Your standard documents can be super-charged. A new contract (using your standard) created byyour stakeholders simply by completing an Online Forms and then it signed electronically. The deal is done weeks sooner.

Other Initiatives include:

  • AI-assisted clause extraction
  • contract drafting plug-ins
  • contract management portal
  • document encryption to protect against cybercrime.

Get a Personal Connection

That is a photo not of me, but my beautiful dog, Merrylegs, named after that wonderful character in Dickens' Hard Times. Get to know a bit more about me, both as a lawyer and as a person, by clicking the link provided. I think that connection is one important reason why you would engage MIA Contract Lawyers. When we survey clients, and we do regularly, they tell us that it was the personal connection that led to them engaging us. Click the link and get to know me.

Social Responsibility

We stand for more than legal excellence. We see that Corporate Australia has a responsibility to give back, to make the world a little better. It sounds hackneyed, but it is true. It is everyone's responsibility, not just Government.

This does not ask anything more from you. However, by engaging MIA Contract Lawyers, you will contribute to the solution, particularly to the education of women and girls. We make a contribution from each matter completed. You will see the difference that your one matter creates in the lives of real people, people who deserve more.

Click the link and read about the programs MIA Contract Lawyers is involved in. Every matter we do for you results in a contribution made to this effort - each invoice paid produces real benefits for those that deserve and need it.

Improve your skills with us

We solve contracting problems in our regular Distribution Digest blog. One of the topics addressed is contract management.
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